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These patients have given their written permission for their photos to be shared on this website to help aid in your decision to have a breast lift procedure with Dr. Vanessa Voge in Wichita, Kansas. Any copying or distribution is strictly prohibited.


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Dr. Vanessa Voge performs cosmetic breast lift surgery with and without saline and silicone implants (both traditional round gel and gummy bear/cohesive/anatomically shaped gel silicone implants). She is a board certified plastic surgeon that specializes in breast procedures in Wichita, Kansas. Breast lift surgery is fastly becoming one of the most popular plastic surgical procedures in Wichita and throughout the country. Dr. Voge consults with patients in all life stages seeking to transform their bodies and boost self-esteem. Medically known as mastopexy, breast lift surgery is a highly safe, highly personalized procedure.

At your consultation, Dr. Vanessa Voge, MD will discuss the details of your surgery including where  incision sites will be, if you need silicone or saline implants to restore lost volume in addition to your lift and how she will tailor her approach specific to your anatomy.

Also during your consultation, Dr. Vanessa Voge will  discuss your recovery from your breast lift surgery. Like most women, you lead a busy life.  Dr. Voge understands and respects your desire to get back to life quickly after surgery, however, your safety is her top priority. Most breast lift procedures are outpatient surgeries that allow you to recover at home. You’ll feel sore and discomfort for a few days but should be able to return to work and less vigorous activities within a week. After six weeks you should be able to resume normal activities such as swimming and lifting more than twenty pounds. A full list of what and what not to do will be discussed at your consultation and prior to your surgery.