Breast Augmentation WichitaThe perfect silhouette is a coveted thing amongst our patients who live in the Wichita area. An hourglass shape has long been a body image many desire, but it’s not one many have naturally. If you’re a woman who’s looking to balance out your figure through cosmetic surgery, look no further than Dr. Voge of Plastic Surgical Specialists. By performing a breast augmentation, she can help you get the look you desire.

 1. A Breast Augmentation Can Fill Up And Fill Out That Bra

Mothers in Wichita know exactly how it feels to no longer be able to fill out the bra that once fit perfectly. Once breastfeeding has finished, the diaper subscription has ended, and you no longer have a bottle in the house, mothers can often be left feeling deflated in more than one way. If you’re experiencing this unfortunate result of breastfeeding those sweet babies, don’t worry! Dr. Voge of Wichita’s Plastic Surgical Specialists can bring the days of rounder bosoms back by performing a breast augmentation using saline or silicone breast implants.

 2. Wichita Women Can Get The Hourglass Figure They Desire

As we mentioned above, the hourglass shape is one many women want. An hourglass figure is characterized by having a bust and bottom that match in size, with a smaller waist in between, bringing it all together. Dr. Voge will be able to guide you through making the decisions to be sure you get the look you want: shape, size, and incision type. When you choose Dr. Voge to perform your breast augmentation, you will undoubtedly end up with a figure that brings balance to your body.

 3. A Breast Augmentation Can Correct Asymmetrical Breasts

Women’s bodies come in all shapes and sizes and all women have some degree of breast asymmetry, but sometimes that asymmetry is so drastic it is noticeable even through clothing. This can make shopping for clothes or going out in tight-fitting clothing difficult and discouraging. When you choose to have a breast augmentation with Dr. Voge, she will be able to correct asymmetrical breasts by placing different size implants in each breast so your bust is balanced and proportioned.

Dr. Voge Is Here For You

Making the decision to have a breast augmentation is not a small one, and Plastic Surgical Specialists is here to help you through that process. Dr. Voge is a board-certified plastic surgeon and has performed thousands of procedures in the Wichita area combining surgical skill, an eye for aesthetics, and a clear understanding of patient needs and goals.  She is highly trained and experienced in performing breast augmentations. As a woman herself, Dr. Voge understands her patients’ ideal results. Her desire is to get you to the best version of yourself, so that how you feel on the inside radiates on the outside.

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