Breast Reduction Wichita When our patients in the Wichita area decide to have a breast reduction, it’s often because they’ve endured years of pain and discomfort due to the size of their breasts. Back pain, neck pain, and even migraines can all be a result of carrying around excess weight on your chest.  Following the surgery, our breast reduction patients are some of our happiest patients once they have healed from the procedure! However, this procedure isn’t one to be taken lightly and you shouldn’t expect to return to your normal daily activities within a few days. You’ll need to take the appropriate amount of time to recover properly. Dr. Voge of Plastic Surgical Specialists has 5 breast reduction aftercare tips you should follow.

 1. Take Your Medication as Prescribed

A breast reduction surgery is no small matter. During the procedure a large amount of breast volume will be removed, which will result in sensitive breasts. Dr. Voge will send you home with detailed guidelines that will include pain medications prescribed and the frequency at which they should be taken. It is helpful to stay one step ahead of the pain to help from getting uncomfortable and will also help to ensure you have a smooth recovery.

 2. Don’t Do Too Much Too Soon

Rest! This might be one of the most important things you can do. Rest in every way – don’t clean your house, don’t lift small children, don’t cook elaborate meals, and certainly do not participate in strenuous exercise. Before your breast reduction, enlist the help of friends and family in the Wichita area to take care of those daily activities for you. And then let them help! We know it’s hard for women to sit on the sidelines and rest, but while you’re recovering from surgery is not the time to prove your strength. You could end up with a postoperative complication if you ignore this important aftercare tip.

 3. Sleep on Your Back or Your Side

Dr. Voge knows sleeping will not be an easy task for the first few days after your breast reduction. That’s why she instructs you to sleep on your back or your side and not your stomach. If you normally sleep on your stomach, start changing your sleeping position ahead of time to make it easier to transition when you get home from surgery. You should keep your torso elevated by using several pillows to prop yourself up. This will help relieve the pressure from your surgical site and reduce swelling and pain. If you find you’re unable to sleep in bed on your back or side, try sleeping in a recliner.

 4. Do Not Shower or Submerge Yourself in Water

In order for your incisions to properly heal, it is important that you avoid water for a few days. We recommend washing your hair and showering the morning before your procedure so the absence from soap and water won’t be as intolerable. You will be able to take a sponge bath for the first few days and shower after 48 hours but you should not submerge your scars in water until Dr. Voge of Plastic Surgical Specialists has cleared you to do so.

 5. Keep All of Your Follow Up Appointments

Do not miss any of your follow up appointments with Dr. Voge. This is one of the most important things you can do to stay healthy and end up with the results you desire. Even if you think your breasts look okay and feel fine, only Dr. Voge of Wichita’s Plastic Surgical Specialists can determine if you are healing properly from your breast reduction surgery.

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