Breast Reduction Wichita Women in Wichita who have larger breasts know that bigger isn’t always better. Every year, women who have naturally larger breasts seek out Dr. Voge of Plastic Surgical Specialists to perform a breast reduction. Larger breasts often bring women in the Wichita area unwanted attention and cause an array of medical problems as well. Below, Dr. Voge has listed 7 medical problems caused by larger breasts that you should be aware of that could help you make the decision to choose breast reduction surgery to alleviate your problems.

 1. Daily Pain

Large breasts can cause daily pain. Not only in the neck, but large breasts can also put extra stress on the spine and cause pain because the extra weight causes a woman’s shoulders to excessively roll forward. Especially for women whose breasts are much larger than their frame, the pain can be so intense it keeps them from enjoying normal daily activities, like shopping or going out with friends.

 2. Numbness or Tingling

Many women with larger breasts complain of numbness in their breasts from the excess weight. Others have numbness in their fingers, hands, and arms, which can come from chronic nerve problems due to compressed nerve pathways. Before seeking out Dr. Voge of Plastic Surgical Specialists for a breast reduction consultation, be sure you make an appointment with your general care practitioner in the Wichita area to confirm there is no other cause for the numbness you’re experiencing.

 3. Shortness of Breath

The size and weight of overly large breasts can cause shortness of breath for many women. The weight of your breasts can push down on your chest, making it difficult to take a full breath. If you have visited with your general care doctor and ruled out other health concerns, Dr. Voge may be able to resolve this issue through breast reduction surgery in her Wichita clinic.

 4. Migraines

If you’ve ever experienced a migraine headache, you know they can be incredibly debilitating. And when you add a condition like macromastia, or abnormal largeness of the breasts, those migraines may come way too often. Women who have larger breasts may suffer from migraines because the weight of their breasts cause their shoulders to roll forward, resulting in excessive pressure on the thoracic outlet, which is the small space in your torso where the ribs, shoulder blades, and nerves come together. If this sounds like you, you could find relief through breast reduction surgery. As we’ve stated above, be sure to see your general care practitioner to rule out any major health problems before seeking out Dr. Voge for a breast reduction.

 5. Inability to Exercise

It has been proven that having larger breasts prevents participation in overall physical activity, whether that be playing with your children, doing housework, or exercising.  And if you’re a woman with abnormally large breasts, you know this all too well. It is incredibly difficult and uncomfortable to run or exercise with that extra weight on your chest. Dr. Voge can perform a breast reduction surgery and alleviate this problem so you’re able to achieve the healthy lifestyle you desire.

 6. Emotional Issues

Not all health problems associated with larger breasts have to do with physical wellbeing. There are also emotional issues that can come from having large breasts. Oftentimes, women in Wichita with macromastia receive unwanted and constant attention from other people. This can cause anxiety or depression as women may feel ashamed or embarrassed by their figure. Dr. Voge of Plastic Surgical Specialists can help you get to a better state of mind through breast reduction surgery.

 7. Rashes

Large breasts trap heat and tend to sweat more causing uncomfortable rashes and chafing beneath the fold of the breast crease. Another place rashes and marks can appear are at the top of the shoulders due to the larger straps you are required to wear in order to support your breasts. A breast reduction is a good option to reduce these chronic skin problems.

When to see Dr. Voge of Plastic Surgical Specialists

If you are a woman in Wichita with naturally large breasts and you’re suffering from one or more of these symptoms, we recommend you consult with Dr. Voge about a breast reduction procedure. Having performed thousands of surgeries for women in Wichita, Dr. Voge knows complications from large breasts when she sees them and can give you relief through a breast reduction.

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