Brunette Woman in 30s Showing Facelift In Wichita Framing Face With HandsIf you think a facelift is only for those close to retirement age, think again. Today, men and women in their 30’s are getting the procedure performed at a higher rate than ever before – statistically lowering the average patient age at a rapid rate.

Why would you consider nipping and tucking your face in your mid-30s? There are actually quite a few common reasons that Wichita men and women who aren’t yet “over the hill” have decided to have facelift surgery. Here’s a list of some of those top reasons.

  • You Used to Smoke

We all know that smoking can cause lung cancer, which is serious business. But it may also cause aesthetic side effects, too.

Smoking cigarettes is known to make you age faster, not to mention place marionette lines around your mouth. If you’ve smoked in the past, but have since kicked the habit for good, it’s possible you’re left with the lasting effects of tobacco and nicotine usage.

If this sounds like you, what better way to celebrate your new, smoke-free life than to get a facelift to make you look your age – or even younger than you actually are! Dr. Voge of Plastic Surgical Specialists works with many former smokers in the Wichita area who some consider are “too young” for facial plastic surgery but would like it because their former habit made them age too quickly.

  • Genetics Aren’t Your Best Friend

For some Wichita residents, no matter how good their skincare regime and how expensive their anti-aging cream is, the signs of aging show up sooner rather than later. This could be due to everyone’s least favorite reason – genetics.

If sagging skin, sunken cheeks, and drooping jowls tend to run in your family – and occur at a younger than average age – then getting a facelift in your 30’s just may help you regain a youthful appearance, with an estimated results longevity of about 10 years or so.

  • You’ve Spent Too Much Time Out in the Sun Without Any Sunscreen

You hear it on the news, and you’ve heard it from your dermatologist countless times – wear sunscreen, even on your face. But let’s be honest, how many Wichita residents actually follow this advice on a daily basis?

Whether you have a job that requires you to spend a lot of time outside, or you just love the great outdoors, if you haven’t been lathering up on sunscreen, you may be noticing signs of aging earlier than your peers. In this case, a facelift by female plastic surgeon Dr. Voge can help you turn back the hands of time – just make sure to start wearing sunscreen as soon as you’re cleared to do so in order to maintain your surgical results for as long as possible.

Scheduling Your Facelift Consultation

If you’re in your 30’s and can relate to one of these reasons for plastic surgery at an age earlier than you might have expected, Dr. Voge can help. She commonly performs facial rejuvenation surgeries on patients in your age range and can prepare an individualized surgical plan for you too.

To get scheduled, contact Dr. Voge’s Wichita plastic surgery practice, Plastic Surgical Specialists, today at (316) 263-0234.