Wichita Female Torso Showing Breast Augmentation in White Bra Believe it or not, all Wichita women have some degree of asymmetrical breasts. Whether a woman’s breast disproportion is in her breast shape, size, or both, no woman is born with breasts that are exactly the same.

For most Wichita women, this disproportion isn’t noticeable. It’s so subtle, you can’t see it through tight clothing, when wearing bathing suits, or even in intimate situations. However, a small percentage of women have asymmetrical breasts that are noticeable. In these cases, a breast augmentation can even out uneven breasts.

Breast Implants Can Help Make Breasts the Same Size

Some Wichita women have disproportionate breasts because one breast is noticeably larger than the other. In this case, the patient has the following surgical options for a breast augmentation:

  • Choose to enlarge just the smaller breast by selecting a single breast implant that will even out the smaller breast with the larger one
  • Choose to go bigger altogether, choosing a smaller breast implant for the naturally larger breast, and a larger breast implant for the naturally smaller breast

Wichita women faced with this decision can choose between silicone and saline breast implants. While most women choose silicone breast implants because they are more natural feeling and provide more natural looking results, women who desire incisions that hide their breast augmentation scars underneath their arms, choose saline breast implants.

Whichever type of breast implants you choose, it’s important to know that both are safe and FDA-approved. If you choose silicone breast implants, though, you will need to have periodic MRIs to confirm that the implants haven’t ruptured, as ruptured silicone breast implants aren’t always noticeable to the eye. If you choose saline breast implants, MRIs aren’t necessary because saline implants automatically deflate if they rupture.

Breast Implants Can Also Help Make Misshapen Breasts Look More Natural

Some Wichita women have breasts of the same size – or close enough to it – but the shape of their breasts isn’t natural looking. This condition can affect one or both of the breasts. In this case, women can choose a breast augmentation using the following breast implant shapes:

  • Teardrop implants, which provide women with more natural looking breasts
  • Round implants, which allows women to achieve more cleavage, if desired

Saline breast implants only come in a round shape, while silicone implants come in both teardrop and round shapes.

Consulting with Dr. Voge for the Best Breast Augmentation Results

Consulting with Dr. Voge about breast implants not only gives you a trained plastic surgeon’s professional opinion, but a female’s unique point of view. As a woman herself, Dr. Voge understands that her breast implant patients have different goals and desired outcomes for their surgeries. Dr. Voge’s #1 priority – aside from ensuring your safety during surgery – is to deliver realistic results that will make your wishes for surgery come true. You may not feel like you’re the plastic surgery “type,” but if you have noticeably disproportionate breasts, it’s easy to understand why you might want a surgical enhancement.

To schedule an initial consultation, contact Dr. Voge of Plastic Surgical Specialists in Wichita today at (316) 263-0234.