Blond Woman In White Bathing Suit At Beach Showing Liposuction In WichitaIf you’re a Wichita man or woman considering getting liposuction performed by Dr. Voge, you may not have just one problem area that you want to have treated, but multiple areas on your body where you’d like her to suction out some fat. After all, no matter how fit and trim you are, sometimes our bodies just retain stubborn pockets of fat that just won’t go away. And then there’s the double chin. How are you supposed to exercise that away?!

During her consultations with her potential Wichita liposuction patients, Dr. Voge is frequently asked how many areas of the body can be treated during one cosmetic session. After all, streamlining your time off work for your recovery will maximize your PTO days!

The answer isn’t so straightforward, as it really depends on each patient’s physique, health, and amount of fat present in each problem area. One thing is for sure, though – Wichita’s Dr. Voge always prioritizes patient safety over patient’s convenience. That’s why, typically speaking, she’ll treat no more than 3 or 4 areas of your body during one session, and won’t remove more than 5 liters of fat during an overall session.

Why Are There Limitations?

All doctors – regardless of their specialties – are always weighing the benefits and risks of a procedure to find that perfect balance where they’re doing as much as they can while maintaining their oath to do no harm. The same is true for plastic surgeons like Dr. Voge. While she understands that her patients may want to remove as much fat as possible or treat all their problem areas during one session, she’s taken a sworn oath to put your safety first.

Liposuction, when performed under the guidelines that Dr. Voge follows, is a safe procedure for patient’s who have been properly screened to ensure they are healthy enough to undergo the process. The typical recovery process is:

  • About 1 week off work, school, or heavy household duties for individuals who stay at home
  • Avoiding strenuous exercise for about 1 month after your procedure, but still taking brief walks to avoid blood clots
  • Wearing your compression garment for 6 weeks after your procedure date

By following the above recovery guidelines, your swelling will subside over time, and you’ll typically see your final results about 3-4 months after your session.

If you go too aggressive during your liposuction session, though, it’s possible that your recovery time will be much longer. You may also experience more discomfort, which prevents you from getting up and walking around the house. Staying too sedentary after your session can increase the risk of improper healing and even developing blood clots – something no one wants to develop.

The Importance of Following Safe Liposuction Guidelines

Ultimately, plastic surgeons like Wichita’s Dr. Voge put limitations on the number of treatment areas that can be addressed during a single session because that’s in your best interest. Besides providing you with results that meet or even exceed your expectations, your safety is Dr. Voge’s #1 priority!

If you have multiple areas of stubborn fat deposits that you’d like to address, schedule an appointment with Wichita’s Dr. Voge at Plastic Surgical Specialists to determine what type of surgical plan she recommends for you – including how many sessions you’ll need to achieve your overall goals.

To schedule your appointment today, contact our Wichita office at (316) 263-0234.