Brunette Woman In White Bikini Holding Beach Ball At Beach Showing Liposuction In WichitaEvery year, Wichita area men and women who have stubborn pockets of fat that won’t respond to diet and exercise visit plastic surgeon Dr. Voge at Plastic Surgical Specialists. Her patients’ goal – to remove these unwanted lumps, bumps, and fatty deposits from their body’s problem areas for good via liposuction.

There’s one question that pops up frequently from potential liposuction patients – “How much fat does the procedure remove?”

As Dr. Voge is careful to explain to her patients, suctioning out fat is not a weight loss procedure. In fact, the ideal candidate for this procedure will already be at – or very close to – his or her ideal weight but struggles to lose weight in a certain problem area such as the love handles, chin, arms, flanks, or belly, regardless of their diet and exercise routine. While liposuction does remove up to 4lbs of fat per session, weight loss isn’t the goal. Instead, the purpose of the procedure is to re-sculpt and re-contour a patient’s body to a more desired shape.

Why Shouldn’t I Think of Liposuction as Weight Loss Surgery?

While losing 4 lbs is nothing to balk at, it oftentimes isn’t as much weight as your typical Wichita weight loss patient wants to lose. Instead, a 4lb weight loss through suctioning out fat is likely to provide a local patient with a sleeker silhouette, a reduced double chin, and less saggy and flabby arms. It isn’t going to get you down to the dress or pant size you desire, and it isn’t going to make you look dramatically thinner.

Because of this, Wichita’s Dr. Voge requires that her liposuction patients be at or very close to their goal weight before they have the cosmetic procedure performed. This is so they can achieve the best possible results and the overall look and silhouette they desire.

How Do I Get to My Goal Weight?

Unfortunately, there’s no magic pill that helps Wichita men and women lose weight. While some patients who are obese or morbidly obese benefit from weight loss surgery – which results in dramatic lifestyle and eating changes – the most common way to get to your goal weight is by good ol’ fashioned diet and exercise.

Still, there are certain challenges that may make it harder for some patients to shed pounds. These include:

  • Being genetically predisposed to gaining weight
  • Certain medical conditions, such as having a thyroid condition
  • Taking certain medications that are known to cause weight gain, such as antidepressants

For some, the best option is to see a dietician or nutritionist, and perhaps even a personal trainer to get in the best shape possible.

When Weight Loss Isn’t Enough

If you’ve made the commitment to a life-change and have lost your unwanted pounds, maintained your weight for at least 6 months, but still have pockets of fat that won’t go away, that’s when Dr. Voge can help.


Contact the Wichita office today at (316) 263-0234 to schedule an initial consultation and learn how Dr. Voge can suction out these stubborn fatty cells for good.