Beautiful Woman With Flawless Skin Touching Hand to ChinFacelifts are one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures performed at Plastic Surgical Specialists. Women, and men alike, from all over Wichita visit Dr. Voge for this procedure because she offers extensive experience, surgical expertise, and an artistic eye. These are just a few of her amazing qualifications, and it’s why she is able to give her clients aesthetically pleasing results, every time.

Many patients Dr. Voge sees about having a facelift procedure often express concerns about rumors they’ve heard regarding facelifts. Dr. Voge is here to help right those wrong thoughts, so keep reading as we go over some of the most common misconceptions about facelifts.

Misconception #1: Results Don’t Look Natural

Many Wichita men and women are concerned that having a facelift will make them look windblown or “done up.” This comes from the outdated techniques of old when surgeons would merely tighten the skin to achieve desired results. And oftentimes they would over tighten the skin. However, Dr. Voge uses the most advanced techniques available and always provides her patients with natural-looking results.

Misconception #2: Facelifts Are Only For Older People

The truth is, facelifts are not solely for those who have reached their golden years. Dr. Voge sees several clients every year in their late 30s and 40s who are great candidates for facelift surgery. Regardless of your age, if you’ve started seeing signs of aging on your lower face, Dr. Voge can help by performing a facelift to restore your younger-looking, refreshed face.

Misconception #3: Facelifts Are Only For Women

While facelifts are most commonly connected to women, the reality is that men see Dr. Voge for this plastic surgery procedure. And in addition to that, the facelift procedure has grown substantially more among men than women in recent years!

Misconception #4: Facelifts Are One And Done

While Dr. Voge provides men and women with amazing, long-lasting facelift results, it’s important that Wichita residents understand that their results may not be permanent. If you have a facelift in your 30s or 40s, it’s probable that you will need a revision procedure some time down the line.

Misconception #5: There Is Only One Type Of Facelift

Thankfully, there is not just one type of facelift! Everyone’s face is different, and everyone’s face ages differently, so naturally there are several types of facelift surgical options available. Dr. Voge combines several techniques in her facelift surgeries. Typically, these include repositioning the supporting tissue; removing excess skin; and restoring facial contours through fat transfer. How and where she will make the incisions for your specific facelift will be discussed during your initial consultation.

Choose Dr. Voge To Perform Your Facelift Procedure

With nearly a decade of providing plastic surgical services to the men and women of Wichita, you can trust that Dr. Voge is the woman for the job! When you come in for your initial consultation with Dr. Voge, she will take the time to ensure that you understand all of your surgical options and that you are comfortable with your final decision. She will also work with you to develop a treatment plan that best suits your needs and aesthetic goals.


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