Aging, weight fluctuations, and genetics can make the buttocks appear flat and or lacking in volume. A Brazilian butt lift reshapes and emphasizes the rear end without the need for artificial implants or synthetic fillers. The procedure uses liposuction to smooth and reduce areas of excess fat in the thighs, hips, flanks, and belly and then strategically transfers that natural fat to the buttocks. This creates a rounder, more noticeably contoured backside.

Wichita patients who want a beautifully sculpted figure rely on board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Vanessa Voge. She provides personalized, high-quality care and experience in the full range of aesthetic procedures for the face, breasts, and body. Through expert treatment, Brazilian butt lift patients can expect natural-looking results that enhance and complement their frame.

Why Patients Choose Dr. Voge for Brazilian Butt Lift

Dr. Voge’s experience stems from the thousands of various procedures she has performed for Wichita-area patients who want to become their best self. She offers:

  • One-on-one, individualized attention to achieve your unique vision.
  • An eye for artistry in surgical detail.
  • Caring, patient-focused staff members to support your experience.

If you are seeking a rounder, higher bottom with more definition, Dr. Voge can help you learn more about Brazilian butt lift and guide you in achieving your personal aesthetic goals.

Your Experience With Brazilian Butt Lift

Initial Visit

At Plastic Surgical Specialists, your comfort is one of our top priorities. Our Clinical Specialist will be available to you at every step, explaining what to expect and answering any questions you may have throughout the process. After our nurse takes your medical history and completes your paperwork, you will meet with Dr. Voge. She will:

  • Ask what you would like to accomplish through aesthetic treatment.
  • Review any pictures or magazine cutouts you brought along. These images can give both you and Dr. Voge a better understanding of how you want your rear end to look.
  • Show you before and after photos of Plastic Surgical Specialists patients who have had a Brazilian butt lift.
  • Explain in detail how the procedure works and what you can expect during your recovery.

Whether Brazilian butt lift is right for you will depend on several factors, including the degree of change you want and whether you have sufficient body fat available to achieve your desired size. If you and Dr. Voge determine that the treatment is a good fit, you can schedule your procedure immediately.

On the Day of Your Procedure

Dr. Voge will perform your Brazilian Butt lift at a Wichita-area surgical center. She will complete the procedure on an outpatient basis, generally within about four hours. While you are asleep under general anesthesia, Dr. Voge will:

  • Use liposuction to slim and smooth the areas you have targeted, such as the thighs and hips.
  • Collect body fat from these areas and carefully separate and purify the material.
  • Transfer the fat to your buttocks, creating the size and shape you want.

The surgery employs tiny, well-concealed incisions that should heal and fade quickly. Dr. Voge uses a long-lasting local anesthetic to minimize discomfort after surgery. A nurse will provide you with a pain medication prescription and instructions on caring for your incisions as you recuperate.

You will return for a follow-up visit at Dr. Voge’s Wichita office in one week, again in another 5-7 weeks, and again about four months later. We encourage you to contact the practice between visits with any questions or concerns you may have.

Your Recovery from Brazilian Butt Lift

You may have soreness, swelling, and bruising for about a week after Brazilian butt lift, and you may have some achiness in areas where you had liposuction. All of these symptoms should be well controlled with pain medication, and you should feel comfortable in about two weeks.

Dr. Voge and our staff recommend that, for at least six weeks after surgery, you follow the guidelines below:

  • Avoid sitting or putting pressure on your buttocks.
  • Sleep on your side if you can.
  • Stand or shift positions as much as possible.
  • Do not push, pull, lift anything heavy, or exercise.
  • Avoid using “donut” cushions, which may interfere with healing.

By about three months after your Brazilian butt lift, your buttocks will soften into their final size and shape, with some portion of the transferred fat absorbed by the body and most of the swelling gone. As a result of the procedure, you can expect to look slimmer, to have more noticeable transitions between your waist, rear end, and legs, and to have a higher, rounder, and fuller bottom.

If your goal is more pronounced and noticeable buttocks, contact Dr. Voge for an appointment. Call our Wichita office at (316) 263-0234 or fill out our online form.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery

  • How Long Is The Recovery Time?

    Most patients return to work within a few days, light exercise within a few weeks and fully recovered in a few months. You will have major bruising for about 6-8 weeks. For about two weeks after surgery, you will not be able to put pressure directly on your backside.

  • Will There Be A Major Scar?

    No. There will be very small incision sites where the fat is harvested from the abdomen, love handles, back and thighs. There will also be two small incision sites in your buttock where the fat will be injected.

  • How Much Does A Brazilian Butt Lift Cost?

    $8,000-$10,000  We will provide you with an exact cost quote at your consultation. That quote will have all the costs on it–no hidden fees!

*Individual patient results will vary.