Plastic Surgery After Weight Loss

So, you’ve overcome obesity and are enjoying the reward of a healthier body, improved mobility, and enhanced appearance? You really want to be proud of your body but are struggling with sagging skin, tissue laxity and residual fatty deposits, which are distorting your new shape and causing physical discomfort. Plastic surgery after weight loss from Dr. Vanessa Voge can complete your body transformation – eliminating bulk and restoring a more natural appearance.

The ability to offer personalized treatment plans inspired Dr. Voge to become a plastic surgeon. She places priority on communicating and building relationships with her Wichita patients. Dr. Voge will design a tailored weight loss plastic surgery plan, using multiple procedures to artistically create a firmer, sleeker body contour wherever your body needs it the most. Popular post weight loss surgeries include: full body lift, tummy tuckthigh liftarm liftbreast liftliposuction.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Post Weight Loss Surgery

  • When is the best time to get surgery after my weight loss?

    To achieve optimal results:
    Patient’s BMI must be less than 35
    Patient must be 1 year post bariatric surgery
    Patient must anticipate no more weight loss

  • How long is the recovery time?

    It will depend on the procedures that are performed, however most patients return to work within a few days, light exercise within a few weeks and fully recovered in a few months.

  • How much does post weight loss surgery cost?

    Again, It will depend on the procedures that you choose to have performed. We will provide you with an exact cost quote at your consultation. That quote will have all the costs on it–no hidden fees.There is a special offer if combining two or more surgeries.

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