Want to sport your short shorts this summer? Have you reached your weight-loss goals? Hate the way the loose skin on your thighs continues to jiggle?

Loss of elasticity may be inhibiting your skin from reshaping itself to your new size. Plastic surgery can tone and rejuvenate your thighs, creating a more youthful, proportionate body contour.

Thigh Lift surgery in Wichita, KS

Thigh & buttock lifts can remove excess fat and skin for smoother legs. Dr. Voge creates a customized treatment plan that could include body lifting and liposuction to achieve your desired look. Dr. Voge is skilled at performing a personalized thigh and buttock lift so that scars are concealed in the natural folds of your skin. Contact Dr. Vanessa Voge to arrange your consultation today at (316) 263-0234!


Frequently Asked Questions about Thigh Lift surgery

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