3-D Nipple tattoo as an option to complete the breast reconstruction process

An alternative to having a nipple recreated with tissue is to have a 3-D nipple tattoo. Wichita patients often like this option because it gives a real appearance while still remaining flat (read: No bra necessary).

Dr. Vanessa Voge began providing 3-D tattooing as an option in her Wichita, Kansas plastic surgery office in spring 2016. She saw a need for her Wichita patients and decided she wanted to be able to provide this service to her breast reconstruction patients and other patients in the Wichita area who wanted to complete the reconstruction process but did not want traditional nipple reconstruction.

3-D nipple creation through tattooing is a permanent procedure that provides a realistic appearance while offering no physical dimension issues. 3-D tattooing is similar to a regular tattoo in that it uses a needle to insert the pigment into the skin. However, in 3-D tattoos an oscillating needle is used and coated with pigment and then inserted into the skin. Unlike traditional tattoos performed in plastic surgery offices, Dr. Voge and her staff have been specially trained to perform 3-D tattoos. This includes artistically mixing pigment colors to match the patient’s skin.

3-D nipple and areola tattoos are performed at Dr. Voge’s Wichita, Kansas plastic surgery office. The procedure takes about 90 minutes and you will be awake during the tattoo. Most patients rate the pain a 4 on a scale of 10 and are able to read, watch a movie, etc. Typically one tattoo does the trick, but you may need to come back for additional touch-ups.

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Will may insurance cover my 3-D tattoo for Breast Reconstruction?

This is a very fair question, with all of the insurance policy changes recently. Nipple reconstruction is considered a part of the breast reconstruction process. Sometimes when the office submits the codes for predetermination prior to your 3-D tattooing session, the insurance company will deny it. In this case, the office staff, insurance department and Dr. Voge will submit an appeal to your insurance company for coverage.

In the event that your insurance does not cover your 3-D tattoo as a part of your breast reconstruction, or you have a high deductible plan and want to pay out of pocket, the cost is approximately $350 per side.

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3-D Nipple and Areola Tattoo
6 months after implants placed during the second stage breast reconstruction surgery

3-D Nipple and Areola Tattoo
6 months after implants placed during the second stage breast reconstruction surgery

*Individual patient results will vary.