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As a person ages, they may begin to experience changes to their appearance. Their once firm and taut skin can begin to sag, especially in the face. Luckily, patients in the Wichita area don’t have to let these changes take hold. Through the use of Juvéderm under the skilled hand of Dr. Voge, patients can restore their skin to a youthful glow.

Juvéderm works by providing plumpness to the face, which decreases fine lines and wrinkles while also eliminating hollowed out cheeks and dwindling lips. With just a few simple injections, patients can turn back the pages of time and look years younger.

What Is Juvéderm?

Juvéderm is a type of dermal filler that can help reduce the signs of aging as patients get older. It’s injected just under the skin, where it immediately provides a needed boost in volume, eliminates wrinkles, and restores the face’s natural contour.

Voluma XC — Created to treat issues in the mid face by providing a natural lift and contour. It’s particularly effective in the cheeks. Six months after treatment with Voluma XC, 90 percent of patients are more satisfied with their appearance than before. Results last up to two years.
Ultra XC — Created to tackle severe facial folds and wrinkles around the mouth and nose as well as provide fullness to the lips. Three months after treatment with Ultra XC, 92 percent of patients were more satisfied with the look and feel of their lips and mouth. Results last for up to one year.
Ultra Plus XC — Ultra Plus XC is the same as Ultra XC, but results can last for more than a year with optimal treatment.
Volbella XC — Created to add fullness to the lips while also correcting perioral lines. Three months after treatment, 96 percent of patients were more satisfied with their lips, and 88 percent of patients were more satisfied with their lip lines. Results last for up to one year.

There are a few different kinds of Juvéderm available. Patients can receive only one kind of Juvéderm or they can mix and match several different kinds depending on their specific needs.

To know for sure which type of Juvéderm would work best, patients can schedule their initial consultation at Dr. Voge’s Wichita office. After talking with the patient and performing a full examination, she’ll make her expert recommendations for how to proceed with treatment.

“...She takes time to explain everything in great detail and answer all questions. I never felt rushed with any appointment I had with her.” -Patient From RealSelf

Who Is a Candidate for Juvéderm?

Because Juvéderm is a noninvasive, nonsurgical procedure, nearly any patient in the Wichita area can benefit from its restorative results. Juvéderm is primarily for reducing the signs of aging, so patients as young as 35 can benefit from treatment with Dr. Voge. These benefits are typically numerous until about age 65, when the severity of age-related changes to the face might be better served by another cosmetic procedure. Of course, Dr. Voge will fully guide each patient in the correct direction during their initial consultation at her Wichita office.

The typical patients Dr. Voge treats are unhappy with one or more of the following issues:

• Age-related volume loss in the face
• Moderate-to-severe facial folds and wrinkles
• Noticeable nasolabial folds
• Lines on the lips and perioral area

What Happens During a Juvéderm Procedure?

Dr. Voge performs the Juvéderm procedure right at her Wichita office. She will delicately inject the Juvéderm into the target areas. Because Dr. Voge is extremely careful and Juvéderm comes with a small dose of lidocaine, the injections should not be too painful.

Once Juvéderm has been injected, Dr. Voge gently massages the area to ensure even distribution of the filler. This improves results and also reduces swelling. From start to finish the entire treatment should take less than 30 minutes. If patients are just having a small area treated, they could be in and out of the office in as little as 15 minutes. Patients will be able to enjoy their new results right away, and these results should improve after the initial swelling goes down.

Restore Your Appearance With Juvéderm

There’s no reason you have to give in to the hands of time. Help yourself look as young as you feel with Juvéderm dermal fillers from Dr. Voge. With this simple, non-invasive procedure, you can eliminate fine lines, wrinkles, and hollowed cheeks for skin that looks soft, supple, and plump.

Ready to learn more? Schedule your initial consultation today by calling Plastic Surgical Specialists’ Wichita office at (316) 263-0234.


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