Facelift WichitaWhen men and women in Wichita look in the mirror and begin to see the telltale signs of aging, they may have a small panic attack and feel the need to reach for the phone to call Dr. Voge of Plastic Surgical Specialists immediately. Aging isn’t easy, and since the face is often the first place aging starts to show, it will continue to stare back at you day after day. After years of sun exposure and enduring life’s ups and downs, a facelift may be just what the doctor ordered to take you back to yesteryear by addressing the mid and lower areas of the face.

What Is A Facelift?

A facelift, medically known as a rhytidectomy, is a cosmetic surgery used to give men and women in the Wichita area a more youthful facial appearance and improve visible signs of aging such as:

  • Loss of elasticity in the face, which causes sagging
  • Deep lines or wrinkles near the nose or mouth
  • Volume that has been lost from the face

During a facelift, Dr. Voge of Plastic Surgical Specialists removes excess facial skin on the patient’s face and neck to provide a smoother, tighter appearance. Most of Dr. Voge’s Wichita patients desire to avoid the stereotypical wind-blown look often associated with a facelift. While that “look” may have been the norm in years past, newer techniques, combined with Dr. Voge’s experience and artistic skill, prevent that telltale sign that you’ve had work done.

There are a couple of incisions types that are most often used during a facelift surgery, and which one Dr. Voge chooses to use all depends on the amount of change her Wichita patients desires to see. Those incision types are:


  • A Traditional Facelift Incision, in which the incision is made in front of the ear and extends up into the hairline, down around the bottom of the ear and then behind it, and ends in the hairline behind the ear. This long, but hidden incision allows Dr. Voge to have access to all the facial muscles and tissue she needs to perform the procedure.
  • A Limited Incision, which uses shorter incisions at the temples and continues around the ear. This type of incision is also referred to as a “mini-lift” incision and is often used on patients with minimal loss of skin elasticity.

But What If I Want More of My Face Addressed?

Oftentimes, patients choose to combine a facelift with other facial procedures to gain an overall rejuvenated face. These additional procedures could include:


  • Eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty, which addresses dark under eye circles or sagging or drooping eyelids
  • A brow lift so your eyebrow area has a more youthful appearance to match your facelift

Are You Ready To Take The Plunge?

If you’re weary of looking at your tired, aging face in the mirror and wish it looked the way you feel inside, call Dr. Voge of Plastic Surgical Specialists today to schedule your initial consultation. She and her staff are ready to welcome you into their practice and answer any questions you may have about the facelift procedure.


You can reach her in her Wichita office at (316) 263-0234.